A forefront no-code technology that empowers the nocode rebels team to deliver custom web applications with unprecedented speed and flexibility. WeWeb stands out by offering a unique blend of visual programming and code-level customization, enabling our developers to craft custom web apps that precisely meet our clients' complex requirements. This technology is built on TypeScript, Vue.js, and Node.js integrating with databases and APIs, including third-party services, thus providing a robust foundation for developing sophisticated web applications.

Our utilization of WeWeb is characterized by its adaptive approach to application development, allowing nocode rebels to rapidly prototype, test, and deploy applications. The platform's extensive customization capabilities mean that we can implement advanced functionalities using JavaScript, if needed, ensuring that even the most niche or complex client needs are met with precision. This hybrid development model, combining no-code efficiency with the power of traditional coding, underscores our commitment to delivering agile, high-quality web solutions that are both scalable and maintainable.

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Projects developed on


Made360 is a Fintech platform for an Israeli syndicate investment fund, an internal tool for managing investor data and tracking investments.

1 Month


A Tech Non-Profit and math-learning chatbot built on WeWeb that leverages AI to improve learning outcomes and reverse learning losses in low-resource settings.

3 Months